Loyalty Program

Welcome to Festival Arlequin, the loyalty programme that rewards your passion for gambling and your trust in our casino.

Enjoy a unique experience where every bet, every spin of the roulette wheel and every card game counts for more than just the pleasure of playing. The Arlequin Festival is your ticket to the city of casino lovers, where exclusive rewards will turn your gaming sessions into a folkloric experience!

How does it work?

- Collect points with each game:

Every time you play, you earn Arlequin Points. Whether you like the chance of a slot, the strategy of a poker table or the adrenaline rush of a table game, every penny you wager will be counted.

1 Point =
Live Casino
Table Games
Virtuals Sports

- Climb the steps to the palace:

The Arlequin Festival offers you different levels of loyalty with increasingly luxurious rewards. From Pierrot to the Arlequin, climb the levels and travel to meet the characters of the Commedia dell'arte with exclusive benefits and never-before-seen bonuses.

Requiered points
Free Spins
0 - 49
50 - 999
50 FS on Royal Masquerade (€0.10)
1 000 - 4 999
50 FS on Royal Masquerade (€0.50)
5 000 - 19 999
€100 Bonus
25 FS on Royal Masquerade (€1)
20 000 - 49 999
€200 Bonus
30 FS on Harlequin Carnival (€1.60)
50 000 - 99 999
€500 Bonus
40 FS sur Harlequin Carnival (€1.60)
10 0000 - 10 000 000
€1,000 Bonus
50 FS on Harlequin Carnival (€1.60)

As you complete each new step, your reward will be credited automatically. Keep a close eye on your progress bar, which will show you your status and the dance steps you still have to do to change partners.

Put on your most elegant costume and join the Arlequin Festival ball!

Terms and conditions

• Only bets made following a deposit are taken into account when calculating your points.

• Bets made from free spins, bonuses or cashback do not count towards your points.

• 1 LP corresponds to €30 on slot machines, and €300 on live casino, table games and other games.

• Your first reward will be offered when you have accumulated 50 loyalty points.

• Your number of points or your level cannot be changed manually.

• Your points and status are kept for the entire active period of your account.

• If your account is frozen, you will get all your points back as soon as it is reopened. However, if your balance was positive when your account was frozen, a new deposit will be required to restart the calculation of your points.

• All games are eligible for the loyalty programme.

• Your reward will be credited as soon as you move up a level. No request from you is necessary.

• Free spins credited when level change are available for 7 days.

• Winnings from free spins generate a new bonus.

• A pop-up will appear to notify you of your level change.

• Only your progress bar will be able to tell you your level. We will not be able to provide you with the amount of bets eligible for the calculation of your points.